Modern Obscura is a Southern California creative team specializing in art, design and photography.

photography:  Austin Gros

photography: Austin Gros


We are Brian Banuelos and Windy Dougall. Perhaps better known as Modern Obscura. Together we make up a Southern California creative team specializing in art, design and photography.

From portraits to wedding storybooks, logos to websites, and doodles to installations, we love to create visuals that ignite interest and inspire those that experience them.

When we're not creating for Modern Obscura, you may find us out hiking, camping, surfing, snowboarding, cooking, visiting galleries, or borrowing a friend's dog to walk for the day. We love live music, home grown veggies, hand made objects and visiting new places. But most of all we love making new friends. If you've got something in mind we might contribute to, or just to say hello, stop on over to our contact page and drop us a line. We'd love to hear what's up with you.

Meet Windy

I Want To Go Back To - Yosemite, Big Sur, Nicaragua, Cinque Terre, and Peru.

I Could Eat - pot roast, home grown tomatoes, mashed potatoes and fruit fresh from the orchard, every day of the week.

I'm Currently Obsessed With - Oban scotch, the infamous SX-70, and my nan-made tote bag that fits everything.

Home Has Been - an a-frame in the woods that my parents built by hand, a  ranchette in the central valley, a one room studio on a palm tree nursery in Santa Barbara, the attic of a historic house in Utah, a studio apartment in a Seattle brick building from the turn of the century, a yurt nestled at 10,000 feet elevation in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas,  and the back of a 1997 4-runner. It really is where my heart is.

Take Me To  - any contemporary art show, Michel Gondry films, vintage car shows, the symphony or a bluegrass band .

My Bucket List - includes skydiving, photographing Antarctica, growing a field of wildflowers and making the perfect chocolate mousse.

I Read - Kurt Vonnegut, Edward Abbey, and Dave Eggers.

Not minds.... yet..

My Talents Do Not Include  - singing on key.

Meet Brian

I Look At - Martin Kippenberger, Stefan Sagmeister, Barry Mcgee, Margaret Kilgallen, Raymond Pettibon, Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFetridge, Ryan Burch, Aaron Burtch

Where You'll Find Me On A Day Off - Oceanside, Cardiff, Pacific Ocean


Music To My Ears - Grandaddy, Talking Heads, Shins, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Gram Parsons, Explosions in the Sky

Snack Time - VGs Donuts, honey dew, In N Out, pretty much any stone fruit, smoked salmon, bacon, tri-tip, Zumbar, Intelligensia, lots of water & juice


New Friends

Clients & Collaborators - some of our clients include Patagonia, Bixby & Ball, Chemistry P.R., Citrus Public Relations, Sterlings Mobile Barber Co. and Tioga Pass Resort.

Blog Features - we've been honored to be featured on blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Snippet and Ink, Grey Like Weddings and many more!

Printed! - San Diego Magazine, Destination Weddings Magazine, Blue Magazine, and Sunset Magazine.


Graphic Design - Because each project has specific requirements, we create a unique estimate for each client. Be assured, however, that our pricing is incredibly affordable and much more modest than others with our same experience, education and talent. Why? because, we believe every business large or small and every individual with the next great idea, should have imagery and visuals that are crafted with care and quality. And we don't believe these materials should break the bank. We don't charge an arm and a leg, because we wouldn't have an arm and a leg to give up either.

Wedding Photography - Wedding packages start at $2800 and are custom crafted to your specific needs. They always include high resolution digital images and over 40 hours of our time and talent.

Portrait Sessions - Portrait sessions start at $150 and always include high resolution digital images.


Product Photography - Pricing varies greatly depending on your specific needs. Do you want the item on a clean white background, or do you want it styled in a gorgeous setting with props? Are the items as big as automobiles or as small as gemstones? Contact us, and we'll give you a better idea of what we can do for you.

Illustration - From hand lettered posters to wedding logos, icons for your website to a watercolored pattern for the background, we can create a custom illustration for just about any outlet. And really, who doesn't love something made by hand?

Installation - That's right. We have experience in window displays and merchandising. We are visual superheros when it comes to styling a space and creating a unique look for your nook.

Imagination - The sky's not the limit. The universe is.




Since you like to call yourself visual superheros, do you have x-ray vision? - We may have used the term 'superhero' a little loosely...

Will you travel to Sri Lanka for our project? How about Barstow? - Yes and yes. No adventure is too remote or too boring. We're like a couple of billy goats... we eat it all up.

Do you have a degree for this? - Don't even get us started on paying back these student loans. Collectively, we have degrees in fine art photography, graphic design and product development. (We don't have degrees in meat processing, but we did take a class or two in it.)

What is your process like? - We start by meeting you. In person, if possible. We're a little old fashioned that way, but really, why not gain friends out of the deal? You tell us what you need, what details you're OCD about and what brings joy to your life. We go to work brainstorming, sketching, shooting, constructing and otherwise devising the perfect plan for your world domination. We present this plan to you. If it exceeds your expectations, we continue with executing the perfect attack. Once we've fine tuned every minute detail, we present our work to you. In person, again, if possible. Because, really, who doesn't want to hold something in their hands? From here, if we're on the right track, we make revisions, and perfect every last bit. Once it's all wrapped up, we celebrate with a beer and some bar-b-que.


But I live in Khazakhistan and you're in California? - We'll raise our glasses over FaceTime, or Skype or whatever other clever modern day communication tool those geniuses have invented. Or shoot, fly us out to Khazakhistan, we always have wanted to visit a place we know nothing about. (Let the wikipedia-ing begin).

You say you're old fashioned but you shoot digital. What's the deal?  - You wouldn't take a horse and buggy from New York to London, would you? (horses can swim, but that's just mean). We believe in using the right tool for the job, while not making things too complicated with too much technology. We'll break out the large format view camera to shoot 4x5 negatives of your 1966 Mustang, because that would be the right thing (and the fun thing) to do. We might have resisted sending our VHS collection to the thrift shop, but we still love to get up from our desk every now again to flip the record on our vintage player. It's all about individual needs, what brings you joy, and like we said before... how to initiate the perfect plan of attack.  




WINDY BEHANCE - Windy's Behance portfolio.


BRIAN BEHANCE - Brian's Behance portfolio.